Tex Vs. Chris Bennett On Pay Per View Friday Night

So it’s official. Tex Vs. Chris “In It To Win It” Bennett will be televised live on Pay Per View from Welsh West Virginia on Friday Night. I’ll be with Tex in his corner as well as covering all the prefight build up on Pay Per View. The fight cost $4.99. It’s the first pay per view event in the history of Barstool. This is the guy Tex is fighting. Former Rough N Rowdy champion Chris Bennett. Lots of people are saying Tex has no chance. That he’s gonna get knocked out cold. That I’m handing Tex a death sentence. Listen I don’t send my guys into battles they can’t win. I send them into battles that test their limits and make men out of boys. Heroes out of men. Legends out of heroes. And that’s exactly what Tex is gonna do Friday Night. He’s gonna shock the world and cement is legacy in Barstool lore. I got Tex in a 2nd round Knockout. (Or he’s gonna get hurt bad, but either way it will be fireworks)