Kim Jong Un Obliterates 5 More North Korean Senior Officials With Anti-Aircraft Guns

NY PostNorth Korean dictator Kim Jong Un obliterated five of his most senior aides with anti-aircraft guns after they allegedly turned in false reports on security matters, CBS News said Monday.

The deranged despot allegedly went ballistic when he learned about the falsified reports — and immediately executed the five officials from North Korea’s beleaguered state security department, CBS reported.

North Korea so hot right now. Executing half-brothers in foreign airports with nerve agents, obliterating senior officials with anti-aircraft missiles. Who’s hotter than North Korea? What a streak they’ve been on for years now:

Last April, Kim Jong Un publicly executed his defense minister with an anti-aircraft gun, while the man’s family was forced to watch.

The minister’s alleged crimes: snoozing during military briefings and talking back to his potbellied boss, according to media reports.

Will never not be funny that North Korea executes people with anti-aircraft guns. That’s like seeing a spider on your kitchen wall and throwing a grenade. So perfectly North Korea. Same people that reportedly have nukes but can’t figure out how to get them on missiles. Basically they can nuke themselves and like South Korea. Sweet.

This is why the Kuala Lumpur airport assassination makes me nervous. I know it’s Malaysia and Malaysia is still the “ha that stuff over there” region of the world we don’t consider real, but I don’t like when North Korea does things outside of North Korea. I’ve always believed if you just stay out of there you’re fine. If you stay out of there you won’t get poisoned or executed via anti-aircraft weaponry. But now I’m a little nervous.