Dustin And Paulina Announce The Gender Of Their Baby With An Exploding Golf Ball

IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!! Listen, I’m on record saying gender reveal parties are dumb as shit and I stand by that. They’re absolutely ridiculous and I delete friends outta my phone if they invite me to one. You gotta draw the line somewhere. Just do it the old fashioned way and announce it with a Facebook status. BUT Dustin Johnson hitting an exploding golf ball to announce that he’s having another baby boy with Paulina Gretzky is still pretty damn hilarious. Dustin calmly dropping “another boy” was laugh out loud funny. So much pride in his voice in that moment. It’s maybe the most excited I’ve ever seen DJ which isn’t saying much cause he’s not exactly an electric factory. Anyway. Congrats you crazy kids and let me know if you need a Godfather. I offered the first go around but that must’ve gotten lost in the mail.