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The Weekend Greenie Bag - Should Ainge Have Traded Yabu?


Nothing, and I mean nothing like double Cs blog Saturdays! Welcome back friends, to another edition of the Weekend Greenie bag. As you can imagine, this week was filled with submissions with all types of frustration. Some about last night, some about the trade deadline and for that I thank you. This franchise is nothing without the readers. As a reminder joining in on the fun is easy, tweet me something with #GreenieBag or email It’s fast, it’s painless, and you can brad to your friends you’re on Barstool. Everybody wins.


Max, I think it’s just you. This is actually one of Horford’s strengths and is sneaky what I like about him. Sure sometimes nothing happens, but also sometimes this happens

This is certainly something Sullinger never could do, and when you factor in his ability to pass the ball, this doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Jeremy, I can think of a thousand reasons why I would not want to give up a 1st rd pick and Yabu for 25 games of Nerlens Noel. If you want him that bad, throw him an offer sheet this summer and see if Dallas matches. You do not give up a first round pick and FUCKING YABU for a rental. I am offended by this suggestion and came very, very close from banning you from next week’s mailbag.

Don’t want Yabu on the Celtics…need Yabu on the Celtics


What’s up Greenie?

I’m all for using the Brooklyn picks as trade assets but I’m honestly not so eager to use them for Butler. The Celts need rebounding and a big guy and have needed for over a decade. Literally. Remember yearning to draft Oden at the opportunity we got that pick? Well we still need a franchise big guy and it’s 2017. 

I have an interesting idea… I remember seeing Isaac Haas (7’2″ 297 lbs. junior) from Purdue play last year at a tourney and was absolutely mesmerized at his dominating size and freakish ability. This guy’s ranked about 82 in the NCAA, I don’t see why BOS wouldn’t take a shot at him with a later pick?? – Elliot

Ha well Elliot, they did need a big in 2007, but that worked out in the end I’d say. In terms of this team, remember they have guys like Zizic/Yabu coming over next year most likely that should help in this regard, but if you’re telling me there there is a legit big man that should be available later in the draft, I’m in. I mean what’s the point of having all these draft picks if you aren’t going to trade them? Might as well take some shots in an area of need if you ask me.

I can’t sit here and tell you I have any idea who this kid is, or what he does on the court for Purdue, but as long as he can walk and chew gum at the same time I’m confident in saying he probably helps as well.



I was refreshing your twitter on Thursday instead of Woj. Keep up the good work. Like some rational people, I was a bit disappointed Danny didn’t add a rebounder, but I’m fine with standing pat in terms of George/Butler and trading our picks and young guys. My question is more geared towards the offseason. We’ve all heard Hayward and possibly Griffin (who I’m not big on because of all his injuries). Do you think a big 3 of Da Gawd/Hayward/Horford really moves the needle from 2 seed in the east? I know we are just waiting out LeBron’s dominance but I don’t see us winning more than 2 games against those guys in a 7 game series with those three as our core. Also, any low-key rim protecting big men who fit the system available next summer? Someone in the mold of Capela from Houston would be a solid fit. – Vern

Vern I’m with you on the thought it made sense to stay away from that ask for PG13, and while CHI balked at the deadline in regards to Butler, I’m not sold they don’t talk more this summer. But for the sake of your question, let’s say the only person they bring in is Hayward. I think you add him to this team, they are obviously better, that’s not rocket science. When you combine that with the lottery pick (or whatever comes from trading it), I think that helps you get closer.

Remember, this is a rebuild and a combo of Isaiah/Hayward/Horford is by no means the final product. They’ll still have room as they move forward past next year. Even if they extend Isaiah.

In terms of big men available this summer, it’s really slim pickings. The best ones are restricted free agents, so if we are talking about unrestricted guys, the group that interests me would be like Bogut, or someone like Donatas Motiejunas. For the summer of 2018 it’s a little wider, with guys like Favors, Ezeli all being UFA. That’s why your best bet is to probably just see what guys like Zizic can do.

You know Micael….people forget that.


I might just be drunk but have the Celts ever held at 15+ point lead for more than a quarter? Fucking heartbreaking loss tonight. Btw I’m already in a bad mood for when they lose to the Cavs by 14 on Wednesday  – Leo

Leo I’m with you and I spent about 2500 words on last night’s game earlier today. If you don’t know by now that the Celtics refuse to blow teams out, I’m not sure you’ll ever learn. I tweeted it in the first quarter, but everyone should have known this game was going to be close in the fourth, because that’s how these teams play each other.

I also don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world. Having close games are important for this group as they head into the playoffs. Sometimes they win, and sometimes they shit the bed and lose, like last night. All of that stuff is part of the process that should have them ready for whatever happens in the playoffs. Would it be nice if they let us fans actually enjoy an easy night every once in a while? Sure, but the Celts have proven to be one of the better teams this season in close games, and that’s a valuable skill.



Love the Celtics recaps, keep up the good work. As for the deadline, I have a couple questions in regards to buy outs versus trades. With players like Bogut and Jones getting bought out by teams like NOLA and Philly, why didn’t the Celtics trade a couple of those 2nd rounders for one of them rather than try to compete with other teams post buy out? Are the C’s just not that interested in them? I would assume a team would rather get some value for the players rather than just letting them walk so I don’t see why they couldn’t make a deal. Viva, Ben

It’s a good question Ben because one would think if a team was just going to buy a guy out, you should be able to get him for almost nothing. Only Ainge & Co know why they didn’t, but I can speculate that maybe they didn’t because they feel like they can get someone in the buyout market, and save those filler picks for a potential deal. It’s certainly a long shot as the buyout market is never a sure thing, but that’s the only thing I can come up with. Now if Ainge doesn’t get anyone, and then also doesn’t trade any picks this summer, I think it’s fair to be pretty fucking annoyed.


Hey Greenie,

With the Celtics holding on to the Brooklyn pick at the trade deadline, it seems almost certain they will be drafting Markelle Fultz or Lonzo Ball this summer. Both point guards. As much as it pains me to even type this, should the C’s consider trading Isaiah? He definitely has value, and his contract expires next season. I feel like the Celtics can’t get by the Cavs until LeBron is out of the picture, so would it make sense to move on from IT and build around Fultz or Ball with Smart, Brown, and next year’s Brooklyn pick?  – Derek 

Derek, I probably am alone in this thinking, but I’m not sure I go with your suggestion. Granted, I am firmly Team Isaiah, I think you can win with him as a piece of a championship team. His play since he’s arrived in Boston has shown that to me. As with anything, what it costs to resign him matters, but resigning him also doesn’t really block you from bringing in any other FAs.

If the thinking is you have to wait 4 years for Lebron to be done being Lebron, well couldn’t you just extend Isaiah early still draft whatever guard you want and have them be ready by the time it’s time to end Isaiah’s deal? For example, what if they trade Avery and Rozier this summer/deadline and move forward with Isaiah/Smart/’17 BKN/’18 BKN? This puts Smart in the starting lineup, and still gives whoever they draft the ability to play decent minutes as a rookie.

I just don’t think we should be rushing to get rid of a guy who might lead the NBA in scoring and may end up a top 5 MVP candidate. I’m not sure that makes you better, or closer to a title in my opinion.


Hey Greenie,

I honestly believe Ainge did the right thing at the deadline not overpaying for PG13 or Jimmy buckets. Id rather stay flexible at the moment and competitive in the long-long term given that one of those guys only guarantees beating the raptors or wizards (maybe), and absolute best case scenario being swept by the dubs.

I think ever since the mind blowing acquisitions of Ray Allen and KG, then IT4 and Jae (not a star but still a killer trade win), combined with our awful lottery luck, it’s easy to conclude the Celtics only ever get better via trade.

We seem somewhat resistant to the idea of building through the nets picks and going through growing pains before winning a championship (or 2 or 5). Do you think as Celtics fans we’re too reliant, and too obsessed with ideas of stars coming from outside the organization to provide immediate championship gratification? – Jonny

Jonny I think it’s a combination of a few things. I think fans can be impatient at times, and forget that this is what, Year 3 of a rebuild? The problem is that if the Celtics have to give up all their assets for a star player, that still doesn’t get them over CLE and GS in the immediate future. Fans want to compete for titles right away, and while theres nothing “wrong” with that way of thinking, it also doesn’t mean being patient is wrong either. The situation the Celtics are in currently is unique because they are good, have cap space, and high lottery picks. If it takes a couple more years for them to get over the hump why is that a bad thing?

I went 21 years without a title. We aren’t even in double digits yet.

Alright, let’s move to this week’s Greenie Awards


Only one game this week, but rules are rules!

This week’s MVP: Marcus Smart

I’d probably give this to Marcus for last night, if only because his effort level was consistent and he was all over the place.

Play of The Week: James Young

My man!!

This week’s LVP: Danny Ainge

For everyone that cried he hasn’t brought anyone in, I think this is fair.

This week’s Most Improved Player: Jaylen Brown

An easy answer for anyone who watched the game last night. This kid is starting to figure it out with each opportunity he gets, and I cannot be more excited.

OK that’s it for this week. See you all same time, same day next week. Have a great weekend!