Kevin Durant Weighed In On The JaVale McGee/Shaq Beef By Wondering If Cops Should Threaten Civilians

Yesterday’s recap of the JaVale/Shaq beef escalating

When you hear Kevin Durant talk about Shaq The Police Officer threatening JaVale McGee The Civilian like Shaq isn’t some fake ass Chief Wiggum



Whether you are kidding, not kidding, or kidding but reeeeeally not kidding, that’s how you make the Big Cat Baby Back Bitch list, even though KD did have a point about Shaq being an all-time great even though Shaq was far from a perfect player and probably left a few championship rings on the buffet line.

And of course Shaq had to respond because Shaq can never let someone else get the last word in.

Soooooo is Shaq is going to murder JaVale McGee if this continues to escalate or just zing JaVale with bad Photoshops and calling him a bum? Because if so, I’m gonna need a heads up for when that’s going to happen. Blog don’t sleep as is. But covering a story where one of the best NBA players killed a player on the best team in the league is going to require a shitload of coffee and making sure my sources are all set up (AKA turning Twitter notifications from Woj back on and following Roger Cossack).

And if the Inside The NBA crew is going to continue to morph the NBA into the WWE with feuds like LeBron vs. Barkley and the Warriors vs. Shaq, I need them to go all-in by having Ernie Johnson call Russell Westbrook a fuccboi and Kenny The Jet telling Boogie Cousins to suck his dick. We have two months until the NBA is really cooking again during the playoffs and the Photoshop/rumor mill doesn’t start back up until the offseason. So I’m all for it.