Western Mass Produces the Worst Tourism Marketing Campaign of All Time

I have to admit, I rarely venture out into Western Massachusetts unless there’s money to be made. No offense intended. The people who live out there are all God’s creatures too, and area is crawling with loyal Stoolies. I guess the biggest obstacle has always been the name. “Western Massachusetts” just has so many letters and syllables, it makes you feel exhausted before you’ve even put the keys in the ignition.

Well thank God then for the Greater Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts for coming up with this handy catch phrase. What they apparently can’t do with their own names, they did with West Mass. It not only rolls off the tongue, it makes you hanker to clear your weekend and head for the Pike.

And sure, you might have thought West Mass was all just drunken ZooMass and apple picking places. But nope. It’s all here in this terribly edited, nightmarishly orchestrated tourism video that I’m 95% certain was put together by Prestige Worldwide.

“West Mass-ass-ass … West Mass-ass-ass … Michael Jordan … roller coasters financial portfolios … rainbows … black leather gloves … Sonic Youth quotes … Michael Jordan again … security … Dr. Seuss … touriiisssts? Possibly YOU!”

So great job, GSC&VB and EDCoWM. I might not have had much use for Western Massachusetts, but now that it’s West Mass? Count me in!