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Trump Speech: "I Love The First Amendment. Nobody Loves It Better Than me."

Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference this morning. As is tradition it was hilarious. LOVES the first amendment. Nobody loves it better than him.

The wall? Waaaaaayyyy ahead of schedule.

The fake news media.

The Clinton News Network.

Crowd just goes bananas for that one. “CNN = Clinton News Network” and boom, it’s like the early-60s Beatles just showed up.

Trump’s got a little Obama in him. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. The dude fucking THRIVES in a room full of his people. Despite being a billionaire he’s charming, relatable, funny, and COMPLETELY controls the room. He plays to the crowd like no other. Amid all this reported carnage and Congressional Republican leadership wildly unsure how to react to his presidency, he stands up there and brings the room to tears laughing. He brings a Beatles-like craze to a damn conservative political conference.

Not really sure how great the dude is at governing but man can he rile up a room. Man can he campaign. Man can he mobilize. Can’t deny that.