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This Mom Busting Out A Rear Naked Choke To Stop Another Kid From Attacking Her Son Is Mom Of The Year Status...Sorta

I’m no parenting expert like the Podfathers fellows but I feel like there’s a lot to appreciate about this mom here. I mean I can’t say that as a parent you should necessarily jump into the fray of high schoolers to try to help out — that video of the dad getting pounded is proof of that — since that seems both unwise for your health, your child’s, and basic social norms. But this mom diving right in there and getting right after that kid’s carotid artery with a rear naked choke was some hero mom shit. I think she assumed the kids would stop when she pulled the one dude off instead of seemingly getting more inflamed and not chilling the fuck back but she still stayed right in there not flinching and doing what she can to save her baby. I don’t know how you can’t admire that.

At the same time, what little monsters those kids are to keep going nuts even after a fucking MOM jumps into the fray. How you don’t take that time to at least regroup and fight another day is some mindblowing shit to me. And you think this kid was getting shit before? Seeing this group and then adding on that this kid got saved BY HIS MOM from a fight? There’s really no choice but to transfer schools, move, maybe put on some Groucho Marx glasses and assume a new identity. Shit is done kid, if you’re not getting your ass kicked every day you’re certainly not picking up the high school babes when your rep is one where your mom is backing you up like Doc Louis in Punch-Out. Put that fake mustache on and hope for the best in your new life:

…not a 100% relevant clip but I wanted it in here once I started thinking of fake mustaches. Sue me.