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A Bunch Of Badass Tigers Chased Down A Drone And Ate It

Drones and animals. Right in my fucking wheelhouse. I’m a little sad the drone got destroyed but the way it got destroyed makes the whole thing worth it. Tigers just doing tiger things and mauling the thing to death.  Sometimes I forget how awesome tigers are until there’s one sprinting at a drone like it’s a gazelle. My heart started pounding real fast when that one tiger turned the corner like Ezekiel Elliott hitting the hole. I was about to ask what tiger’s think the drone is but they answered my question for me. Food. They just think everything is food. I was hoping the tigers would have some sort of existential crisis, walking on their back feet and start speaking English like Shere Khan. Nope. They view anything that isn’t themselves as food. I guess I’m not shock. I’m just disappointed.