Kid Is About To Win A Race When He Was Attacked By A Rogue Pole Vault Bar

Independent - Runner Aengus Meldon was denied victory at an Irish university athletics event after a freak accident with a pole vault bar.

Meldon, a student at NUI Galway, was leading in the final straight of his 800m qualifier at the Irish Indoor Intervarsities meet in Athlone when he suddenly got entangled in an elastic bar dislodged by a nearby pole vaulter during their warm-up.

“Oh… oh, my God. We have the bloody pole from the… he will have to go through to the final based on that. I have never seen that in athletics,” he continues in astonishment as the bar drops round Meldon’s ankles and he’s forced to waddle to the finish line while being overtaken by opponents.

“He was tied up like Spider Man threw something at him. Spider Man attacked him…

Despite the freak accident costing Meldon victory, he was given a bye into the final as a result. Sadly he couldn’t replicate his semi-final form and finished down in eighth place.


It’s not often you get a track and field video that causes you to laugh out loud, but this one one of those rare times where everything worked perfectly. Because usually for a good track video, you need some sort of epic come from behind victory or someone face-planting

But this one broke the mold. It was a perfect combination of the kid about to win the race when a god damn pole vault pole wraps him up like a bad guy from Scooby Doo, with the Irish announcer losing his mind is a perfect track and field blooper. When that pole vault thing wrapped up the runner and the commenter didn’t miss a beat.

The runner looked like he was playing Skip It

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And I will say, I hate that they put him through to the finals. Shit happen out there that is out of your control. That’s sports, Betty. A gust of wind can cause a ball to go fair or foul. A slight breeze can push a game winning field goal through the uprights. And on the track, a rogue pole vault can cause a runner to lose a race. You can’t control everything out there, and you can’t give people free passes just because something doesn’t go their way.