Political Town Halls Across The Country Are Getting Hostile As Fuck

Mitch McConnell Speaks At Louisville-Area Luncheon On Latest Legislative News

Many Congressional members have returned to their home districts during a Congressional Recess. While there, they’re holding town halls; thus, at those town halls, their constituents are getting their first opportunities to speak up since Donnie took office.

This is how that’s going.

“No ban, no wall, Amer-ic-a has room for all” is a shit chant. Crap.

Uhhh hey politicians…


Notably, both Robert Gibbs in 2009 and Sean Spicer in 2017 have cited “manufactured” anger at town halls.

And this Michael Tracey dude always finds a way to pushback at the outrage machine.

Not a terrible point. And not wildly uncommon for constituents to be upset with their representation, especially in the rocky period following a transition of power, but interesting nonetheless.