Chinese Dude Unleashes “The Snake” On A Cop and I’m Not Talking About His Private Parts

China gets a rep for being a totalitarian society where if you mess with the police, you’re either gonna disappear mysteriously or, if you’re lucky, get sent to jail without a trial. In reality, Chinese cops are the definition of “mailing it in.” They make shit salaries and sure as hell aren’t getting a raise if they fulfill a quota so just have very little motivation to actually do their job. The more potential crimes they can avoid or pretend they don’t see, the better. Unfortunately, when you’re a traffic cop and a young grasshopper jumps in the middle of the street and starts unleashing rapid fire cobra attacks in your face, you’re forced to acknowledge the situation. Key word here is acknowledge though as the cop in the above video looks to be putting almost negative effort into actually solving the situation. His plan of action seemed to be:

  1. Try to grab the perpetrator’s (6)
  2. Throw a punch?? Honestly not sure what that was. (4)
    3. And…Give up. Call for back up and call it a day! At least you (7)
    In a world where all we see in the news are stories of cops grossly overreacting, it’s almost refreshing to see a cop under-reacting. However, I’m saying that from the comfort of my own keyboard. If I was stuck in that traffic jam I’d be praying for the biggest hardo cop America has to offer to drop from the sky and restore the peace(as long as they didn’t murder anyone). US cops may not be trained in the Chinese martial art of Snake Boxing, but they are masters at the Electric Eel technique, also known in some circles as tasering the fuck out of people who make their job even remotely difficult.