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France Is Using Trained, Badass Eagles To Combat ISIS Flown Drones

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 1.17.01 PM

Drop down and get your eagle on girl, indeed! I love using animals to fuck with terrorists. I bet having that eagle with his hood on coming at you is some scary shit. Animals with masks on are terrifying. They should train the eagles to attack too. I’d love to see those videos. Talons everywhere.

Whether it’s using dogs to find bombs or eagles to scoop up drones, using animals to thwart the plans of those who wish to do harm to innocent people is extremely my shit. Credit to the bird handlers. Must be a long, complicated process to get this type of training off the ground and efficient enough for actual operations.

It really must suck for ISIS to develop all these high-tech terrorism techniques only to get your plans ruined by dogs or eagles, not to mention the air strikes that take out your entire compounds. I imagine the airstrikes are problematic too.

Anyway, here’s a full video of the process. Pretty incredible to use animals in this way.