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"Randall Cunningham's Celebrity Rap" Was A TV Show That Existed And Here Is The QB Interviewing Donald Trump In 1992

Fascinating. Truly fascinating. Especially at 7:00 where The Donald defends Mike Tyson and alludes to his rape conviction being bullshit. I mean, I get it, but, WOW. Plus it was nice to see Donald Trump didn’t want to collect rent in the hood because of the bullet holes in the walls and cause he, well, “didn’t have to”. Other than that, there are so many honest questions. Why did Randall Cunningham have a talk show? Why is Donald Trump on Randall Cunningham’s talk show? Why am I staring at Randall Cunningham’s funkalicious tie like a goddamn 3-D Magic poster? Everything in this video reeks of the early ’90’s. From the graphics, to the music, to Cunningham’s flat top – You could drop this footage in White Man Can’t Jump and not miss a beat. Don’t hate it.

How’s those mega casinos in AC working out, Don? Good grief, our President Of The United States really was/is Biff Tanner from Back To The Future II in real life.