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Marines In Thailand Are Drinking Cobra Blood And Eating Scorpions. Resourceful!

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Jungle survival training is a rite of passage for Marines and sailors who take part in the annual Cobra Gold exercise in Thailand.

Each year, Thai troops show their U.S. counterparts what plants and animals they can eat and what they can drink if they ever find themselves in the jungle without a prepackaged, American-made “meal ready to eat.”

As in years past, Marines and sailors got a taste of cobra blood and other jungle delicacies.

At the risk of sounding like a huge pussy, I’m not a big blood drinker. I prefer not drinking blood. I wish I was a big blood guy. For years I’ve heard that blood is the bourbon of body fluids. Once you get a taste for it, it’s hard for anything to really match up. I just can’t choke it down, though. It’s a fault of mine that I’m trying to work through.

That being said, I’m glad these Marines are learning to drink blood and eat scorpions. I hear that scorpions are extremely high in protein and if I know this group of war dogs, they are all about chasing those lean gains.

Plus, you never know when Angelina Jolie might be willing to have a little sex with you if you share a romantic menu of blood, guts, and bugs with her. She only divorced Brad to eat a few bugs and suck a little dick. She’s about outta bugs.