Homeless Guy Celebrating After Getting A Job Is Your Feel Good Video Of The Day

I’m a sheep for videos like this. I’m such a sucker. This video could be completely taken from a different context and I’d never know or even care. How do we know he was actually leaving a job interview? We don’t but as soon as I see a single headline that reads Homeless Guy Celebrates After Getting A Job and I just believe it, take it at face value and let a smile form on my face. It’s shocking I haven’t joined a cult yet. Propaganda would work on me 1000%. It doesn’t take much to confuse me. That guy could be leaving after murdering 15 people and celebrating. He could’ve just set fire to a building full of children. I don’t care. I don’t need facts. Feed me fake news I’m gonna eat it up. I mean is he probably leaving a job interview? Probably but I didn’t do much research so who knows. ANYWAY. Big time feel good video. Dude just happy as fuck that he’s not gonna be homeless anymore. I mean he’s gonna be homeless at least until that first paycheck comes in but still. Good for him.