Allen Iverson Was Asked If He'd Coach In The NBA, Naturally Responds He "Ain't Coaching No Motherfuckers Who Make More Than Me"

The Answer starting out with a whimper and ending with a bang! For someone who lauded himself as a basketball genius who lobbied for a Sixers Assistant GM position, I expected a bit more analysis on the Boogie Cousins trade other than a “I ain’t no executive in this thing”. But it also moved to the thought of Iverson, Kobe, and Shaq making the greatest 3-on-3 team in the history of history. They might have to split the basketball into thirds so all three can shoot at the same time, but that trio would be unstoppable at any age before senility. Regardless, for better or worse, AI is always dynamite on the mic, drunk or not. The man never gave a fuck, and never will. Gotta love it. Long live The Answer.