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FYI: Barstool Drive Time Hits The Main Barstool Facebook Page Tomorrow At 8:30 AM


Come one, come all to our morning Drive Time show on a medium that makes it extremely difficult to watch/listen to live while on your commute. That’s the Barstool Difference. But for real, every Tuesday and Thursday myself, Riggsy, Trent, and others will serenade you in the morning. A pure casual, shooting the shit type of show to ease you into the day. We discuss any sort of current events, news around the office, sports, life, or whatever you’d like to call in and talk about. Nothing is off limits. We go LIVE at 8:30 so give us a ring 646-627-8450. Plus follow @StoolDriveTime and you can DM any questions/comments you want read on air. If you can’t/won’t listen live, no worries. The podcast version of the show will be up right here by 10am. Let’s dance.

Watch On Facebook Live At 8:30am Tomorrow Here