It's A Shame Russell Westbrook Had To Be The First Player To Lose A Teammate To Free Agency

All I know about basketball is what I see on Twitter so here is what I know: the Kings made a bad trade, Isaiah Thomas plays good in the fourth quarter, and people LOVE how petty Russell Westbrook is about Kevin Durant going to Golden State.

This may shock you, but I disagree with everyone on the earth and am convinced I’m the one who’s correct. While everyone is LMAOOOOOOing all these Westbrook interactions I’m RMEing (that’s rolling my eyes, I just made it up, think it might catch on). Dude, grow up. You’re in New Orleans, it’s All Star weekend, everyone’s having fun, be an adult and stop being the dramatic ex-girlfriend. If you were in HIGH SCHOOL and an ex wouldn’t acknowledge you and would only hang out at the other end of a party then you’d laugh with your friends about what a child she’s being.

Never mind the fact that there’s a 0.0% chance Westbrook finished his career in Oklahoma and he’s just digging his grave deeper for when he does leave. The “loyalty” card plays right now but it’s gonna seriously blow up in your face when you run to Los Angeles next time. I guess people love this shit because it’s better than all the guys from different teams being best friends but I disagree. It’s beyond annoying every time I see people going nuts for this on Twitter. I used to love Russ (hey, the guy’s got great fashion sense) but trolling KD with pre-game outfits then getting stomped on the court is insufferable. You lost the breakup, Russell, deal with it.

And I know this is very similar to what Kevin Garnett did when Ray Allen left the Celtics for the Heat and I loved it then, but here’s the difference: KG played for my team and Russell Westbrook doesn’t. Not the same thing at all.