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Making a "KKK" Sign at a High School Basketball Game was a Bad Look


San DiegoWhat started out as a cheering competition between some North County high school students this weekend turned into controversy after a few teens held up signs appearing to show the letters KKK.

The picture of the three students holding up the signs during a rivalry basketball game between Carlsbad High School and Sage Creek High School caused an uproar with Carlsbad parents. … forcing the school to respond that this was just a misunderstanding of the younger generation.

“…during the game a few students held up handmade signs symbolizing a “K”. The K was short for “OK,” and is generally used by students in text messages. The signs were created by students as a response to the opposing team’s chants, and were not intended to be held up next to each other, or to represent a message other than “OK.”

How is this even remotely possible in 2017? And I’m not talking about the sign.

In a world of triggers, microaggressions, school administrations terrified of their own shadows and a whole cottage industry built around being offended by everything, how in the name of Lena Dunham did cooler heads actually manage to prevail?

Are we to believe that the adults running the schools actually talked to the kids involved and got to the bottom of it? They didn’t suspend school. Or accuse the kids of a hate crimes. No one suggested there’s widespread support for the Klan in suburban high schools. No one brought in grief counselors. No one organized a candlelight vigil. They didn’t pay some diversity consultant 150 bucks an hour to explain the socioeconomic rationale for kids advocating lynching and cross burning. They actually took a moment, drew a deep breath, and dealt with a potentially bad situation rationally. They acted like fucking grown ups for once.

Amazing. I’d say I hope it starts a trend, but I’m not that optimistic. Baby steps.

On a side note, there’s nothing that goes up my ass sideways like sending a text and getting “K” in return. Some of my favorite people in the human race do it, and it makes want to start rioting and looting. Spend the time to hit the “O” as well, or don’t communicate with me at all. Kids should get suspended from school for that.