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The New Orleans Pelicans Dropped The Tweet Of The Night After They Traded For Boogie Cousins

It’s almost impossible to win a night more than the Pelicans won last night. Anthony Davis dropped a record 52 points(!!!) in the All-Star Game on his way to winning the MVP award in New Orleans. The Pelicans then committed grand larceny on the Kings by stealing Boogie Cousins. As a Knicks fan I appreciated our sister franchise in Sacramento carrying the dumpster fire torch to start the second half after we started off 2017 with a missing point guard and a feud between a beloved ex-player and hated owner.

But then this tweet was the cherry on top. So simple yet so effective. And not even Adam Silver could slap the social media team on the wrist for being meanies on Twitter. Sure we know that is a video of the Pelicans putting their nuts on the foreheads of the Kings. But the Pelicans Twitter handle can say it’s just a hilarious video of a pelican walking with the swagger of 1000 Conor McGregors as Rick Ross blares in the background. The perfect crime. The perfect tweet.

Meanwhile the Kings Twitter account has gone radio silent since the trade but they have to be DYINGGGGG right now to catch another Twitter body, since that’s what they do.


And it’s never fun when your second best friend steals from you.


The Saints Twitter account better have its head on a swivel because I’m willing to bet the Kings will probably target them next since the Pelicans are off limits.

And the best part of this is that the Pelicans are relevant again. Everyone loved watching like Anthony Davis but hated watching most of his teammates. But now the Pelicans are in position to potentially become America’s NBA team behind two ridiculously talented former Kentucky big men, an awesome city, fantastic Twitter account, and a slew of creepy ass mascots.