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Alexis Ren Says Her Ex Boyfriend Who Was Famous For Taking Romantic Photos With Her Has A Tiny Dick

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Ooohhhh kill em….Tiny dick jab from the parking lot!  But wait how long did these two date for?  Like 3 years?  5 years?  I mean these 2 built an empire on just being hot together and posting pre-sex instagram photos.   So if he really does have a tiny dick what’s that say about her?  That she likes tiny dicked motherfuckers?  Or that he’s a savage in the rack?  I mean she dated him forever.   Also something tells me this guy ain’t exactly worried about getting laid small dick or not.


Bottomline though is if a girl is gonna drop the tiny dick line on somebody you got to do it quickly.  “Like I went on a 2 dates with that fuckboy and dumped his ass because he had a tiny dick”   Or say that he’s a pre-ejaculating motherfucker. That fucking hurts.  But when you’ve dated a dude for 3 years he must be doing something right.  So let this be a lesson to all the girls out there.  There is an expiration date on when you can roast a dude for having a tiny dick and that date is 2 months max.