Hall of Fame Smokeshow Christen from Louisville In The News For Setting Her Roommate's Bed On Fire


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)A woman is facing charges after being accused of setting fire to her roommate’s bed Saturday.

According to arrest records, 22-year-old Christen McAllister and her roommate had been in an argument.

Police said McAllister then intentionally set fire to her roommate’s bed while two of her other roommates were inside the building, which she admitted to and was caught on an officer’s body camera.

McAllister faces first-degree arson.

Shouts to Christen from Louisville for making the site in a non-smokeshow gallery post. And of course I’m going to get her back on this one – don’t even need to know any details of the story. As someone who has had roommates, knows how it is to live with roommates, knows how bad a bad roommate can suck – if you get to the point where you feel like you have to set their bed on fire, they 1,000% deserved it. There are two sides to every story but a roommate getting their bed set on fucking fire says all you need to know loud and clear.

Also, little insider info from Sales Guy – Smokeshow Christen did not recently get a gigantic chest tattoo, she came from a body paint competition at the bar. That’s info you can only get at Barstool folks.

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