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Pat Perez Just Hit A Guy Square In The Dome With His Drive

Daaaaaaaaamn. When that happened in real time I thought the ball hit a chair. I was positive. If you go back and listen closely the sound it makes is that of a ball bouncing off wood. Nope. Wrong. It was some dude’s head. Hit him square in the dome piece. Somehow the guy didn’t crumble to his knees instantly. Pretty badass actually. It’s custom for the golfer to sign a glove and give it to the fan but Pat Perez should have to buy that guy dinner at the very least. Not all golf shots that hit a person in the gallery are created equal. For instance, if you get hit on the fleshy part of your back, that’s worth a signed glove. A shot to the temple though? That’s gotta be worth a whole hell of a lot more. We’re talking a new set of clubs or something. At least the guy is still alive so that’s good. Shoutout to that trooper for keeping an eye on the situation.