Fighter Tries To Dance In Cage, Promptly Gets Knocked The Fuck Out

I hate when guys do this shit and this is what happens when u do!!!!!

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Ah, the classic “I’m going to pull a Roy Jones Jr. during my regional MMA fight in front of 12 people”. Great call. You definitely won’t get knocked out instantly, especially after that brutal jab you threw. It hit the air in front of that guy’s face so hard I thought it’d generated a force-like reaction!

This is my favorite kind of video, and they’ll just keep coming because MMA hardos will never learn. Combat sports are the only ones that can provide us with justice like this. Baseball can give us a pitch at the head followed by a dinger, hockey can give us a goal after a dirty hit, maybe a little scuffle as well, but that guy just got permanent brain damage for TRYING to be disrespectful.

Missed jab, lil’ shimmy-shimmy, wind up, annnnnnnnnd teeth scattered all over that American Legion hall. Have a week, boys and girls. Have a week.