Kyrie Irving Thinks That The World Is Flat When In Reality It's Very Round

I saw this trending earlier and didn’t pay it much mind because I figured Kyrie had to be fucking around, but upon further inspection…. it seems like he’s actually being genuine? I’ve always read stuff about how college teams have like 4th grade levels of reading but a 17th century level of understanding of the planet is a new one for me. I guess, shockingly, it turns out that Kyrie didn’t get into Duke for academics? Seems as though they may have skirted some standards in order to squeeze him on campus?

It’s really stunning that he sticks to his guns on this. I mean everyone’s been wrong before with easily provable things. Shit like bar bets about an actor’s age or the lyrics to a song or a player’s batting average last year. It’s a pretty easy situation: you say you’re right, someone googles it, shows you the actual reality, then you say, “Fuck, fucked that one up,” and go on with your night. This shouldn’t be all that different.

“The world is flat.”

“No, it’s round. Here, look.”

“Fuck, that’s on me.”

That should be the extent of this conversation. I mean anytime someone can just say, “But you’ve seen pictures, right?” you should immediately know the leg you’re standing on in this debate isn’t exactly sturdy and start to backaway from that hard stance.

I do have to give Kyrie credit though, he’s dedicated to his belief. He says “do your own research” with such conviction, as if he’s been running scientific experiments in between Uncle Drew commercial shoots when in reality he’s just been watching YouTube videos. Dude’s convinced himself that the earth is flat and he’s poured over the numbers back at the research lab/on his laptop to prove it. Kyrie doesn’t mind going against the grain with his beliefs. Sky’s green, grass’s blue, earth is flat. Don’t listen to your eyes, do your own research at\creedthoughts and see for yourself.

PS – I love how whackjobs like this pretend as if they’re all the enlightened ones. Oh you all believe the same thing, such puppets. Bro you watched a 20 minute YouTube documentary and forgot everything you ever learned, but I’m the puppet who’s easily manipulated?