Julian Edelman Breaks Down Who's More Handsome: Tom Brady Or Jimmy Garropolo?s

Definitely something of a diplomatic answer here from Edelman but I also don’t disagree with him at all. The only thing I’ve said differently since Jimmy G came on the scene was that I still went so far as to say Tom’s hotter. Aside from that, the breakdown is flawless. Tom’s international hot. He’s model hot. Just like Jules said, he’s got the classy, rich, runway look to him. Jimmy’s the college quarterback. He’s classically, American hot. Tom’s Mr. Worldwide. Like Jimmy? Jimmy couldn’t pull off Tom’s fits, he doesn’t have the right look. Jimmy can just wear suits and athletic gear and that’s it, he can’t dip his toes into fashion world like Tom can because he just doesn’t have that vibe to him. Tom does. That’s why Tom’s still king.