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There's No Girl Who Sums Up Women In 2017 Quite As Well As This Tinder Chick


A mirror selfie wearing a shit of a Snapchat filtered version of herself along with lines of gibberish about how much she loves fast food and a series of unnecessary abbreviations. Is there anything that sums up the state of regular chicks in 2017 better than this? Hell throw in the fact that she has a weirdly spelled version of a regular name and she hits just about every checkmark other than layering with an Adderall Diet shirt. (via A)

AND WHOA it’s another week of the internet’s #1 rated Tinder roundup. While you’re reading, make sure to throw in the newest episode of Swipe Drunk Love, a Post-Valentine’s Day Special with Glenny Balls, Trent, Riggs, Francis, and Caleb:

No real theme this week but probably the most fun episode we’ve had, wild stories, funny shit (Francis slayed me throughout this episode, love that dude), drunk people wandering in. Good times all around, check it out.

As always thanks to the folks who sent things in, make sure to follow me on Twitter (or Instagram) to DM in your screenshots, and now let’s get to the blog:


(via KW)

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 3.24.44 PM

If you’re regularly checking this blog, follow the Swipe Drunk Love Instagram. I get so many of these screenshots each week now that I’m throwing extra content up on there…as you can see I’m really playing with the format.


Shouts to Sonali for using the Barstool Tinder roundup to lure in boys, that’s a wifey material girl (via SLC)


When you’re not sure if she’s trying to make a pun or just a proud ho (via SS)


Name your child something that makes no sense, this is what happens (via GD)


If you can’t trust a bumper sticker and an enthusiastic tongue, what can you trust (via AS)


Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. (via JS)


This looks like one of the thumbnails that would get me to drunkenly sign up for a porn site (via GM)


Classic actual human girl move looking to trade sex tapes with random dudes online (via MA)


(via SA)


Big week for Smash Mouth AS)


(via JBK)


Oh you think you’re so clever but you’re hot so I’m going to pretend like you actually are (via ES)



Okay but how does one blow a credit card? (via BM)


You won’t know if that’s a real social security number unless you try (via C)


I’m no expert but I don’t think that’s how lesbianism works (via MW)


*said in best possible Home Improvement impression* I don’t think so Jim (via JG)


This week’s reminder that sometimes you simply never know with a trans gal (via M)


Still less poor than an Android user (via RZ)


Would swipe right just for the weed (via D)


But if you’re a short guy, she might just vomit all over your dick I guess? (via CC)


Big black titties rule, search Britney White on your favorite streaming porn site and we’ll talk later (via Y)


I’m not an older woman guy but you simply cannot argue the presentation here (via S)

And onto the hot and NSFWish ones…


The #SpagsPromise is coming out swinging this week (via GC)


The kind of body that singlehandedly change my opinions on tatted up chicks (via JW)


The #SpagsPromise is not to besmirch the Holy Bible but when in Rome (via TS)


The roaming crew of big titted girls is one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena (via DS)


Hipster adult Eleven from Stranger Things wants to #SpagsPromise and who am I to tell her no? (via JUW)


The pierced #SpagsPromise renaissance is one of the most surprising things of the last few years imo (via DM)


Could be a trap, could be an amazing life experience…you’ve got to try (via CVA)



Cool butt but fuck this girl for acting like TLC “No Scrubs” is an esoteric reference (via CW)


I’m wondering if we’ve had every ethnicity of #SpagsPromise yet but I feel like a Middle Eastern girl is a special one (via MM)


I would marry Lauren for that perfect boob spillage she’s got going alone, her body is unreal (via JMK)


At a certain point you almost get desensitized to #SpagsPromises but a girl like this brings it all full circle (via D)


It’s been WAY too long since someone sent me a good redhead with big tits, step it up folks (via JD)


Heavy hangers can #SpagsPromise too (via AP)


Nice butt and enjoys you being bad at dating, that seems like a win (via MR)


Uh I think an autistic #SpagsPromise is empowering maybe? (via BK)


FSU girls are simply unfair sometimes (via WN)


Lynda seems like the kind of older woman who’d call people “lover” (via L)

And there we have it, another Tinder roundup in the books. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram to DM your screenshots, keep an eye on the Swipe Drunk Love Instagram for some bonus Tinder blog content, and happy swiping!