This Dude Completely Shutting Down His Side Chick When She Tries To Film Him For Social Media Is My Favorite Move

Perfect video summing up a very relatable 2017 situation. I mean even if you’re not creeping on your girl, there’s something to be said for not wanting to be blasted out there on someone’s social media. You never know who’s going to see it. And ever since the advent of Facebook, there’s always an arms race for chicks to claim a man publicly on social media. Relationship statuses, wall posts, now posting a dude’s face with a dog filter or sucking him into a Boomerang video for Instagram, it’s all little things girls do to mark territory. And it’s easier than ever for that to blow your whole life up if you’re living as a mostly unencumbered single guy or a dude trying to keep his side business off the streets. Every girl you hang out with or have dated somehow knows every single photo you like, everything you’re tagged in, every piece of media you exist in and the only way to shut that down is to send a message like this dude did. Pull over, turn the radio off, ruin all the fun. The relationship won’t last but treating a chick like Alec Baldwin treats paparazzi is a great way to play it safe with your online #brand.

The one thing I will say though…you just know his main chick is WAY less hot than the side chick. Side chick is all about good times, bopping along to music, looking cute on Instagram and I bet the main chick is a bigger gal sitting at home who maybe makes a mean chicken cutlet but castrates this dude at every turn. Behind every great man with a sexy little side chick is a strong woman with cankles and a vicelike grip on his balls.

(h/t Worldstar)