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Welcome To The 1000 Point Club, Sid

I don’t care who you are or what team you root for. You can hate Sidney Crosby all you want but you better damn well respect the man. 1000 career NHL points and he did it in 123 fewer games than it took Ovechkin to hit the same mark. That is absurd. He’s the best player in the world and one of the greatest there will ever be. It sucks a whole bag of nuts that he’s a Penguin but that’s neither here nor there. Tonight it’s time to put away my hatred for those Yinzer sons of bitches and pay some respect to a legend who has earned it. And it only makes sense that he got his 1000th career NHL point by being bigger and stronger than everybody else out there on the ice. Look at the way he little-boys Wheeler here and out muscles him for that puck.


He may sometimes have the tendency to act like a little bitch. But the man is a beast. 86th player in league history to hit 1000 points. Reigning Stanley Cup champion. Reigning Olympic gold medalist. Reigning World Cup of Hockey gold medalist. He’s a freak. Good for him. Fuck the Penguins. But good for him.

Can’t wait to watch the Flyers shit the bed against the Oilers now.