Photographer At Graeme McDowell's Fantasy Camp Gets Hit With A 145MPH Drive, Drops Like A Sack Of Potatoes

If I may steal a line from Negan from The Walking Dead. TAKING IT LIKE A CHAMP! He really did. Took it like a goddamn champ. Him crying out in agony and  falling over like he got shot was laugh out loud funny but it was pretty amazing how he seemed okay afterwards. Yet another advantage of being a fat guy. Didn’t even really phase him minus the sack of potatoes fall. If a drive like that hits a skinny person, they’re dead. They’re a dead person who is now having a funeral attended by many friends and family. Big fella though? Big fella don’t give a fuck. He laughed it off and even gets a picture with the dude who did it. I bet they’re best friends now because fat people make the best best friends. Being fat isn’t great for countless reasons, but if you ever have a golf ball traveling at 145 MPH hit you straight in the food sack, you’re good to go. That’ll help me sleep at night at the very least.