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Drug Smugglers Are Preparing For Trump's Wall By Making Catapults

Mashable- Drug smugglers are equipping themselves for Donald Trump’s wall, it seems. U.S. border patrol agents in Arizona have uncovered and dismantled a very rudimentary catapult used to sling marijuana into the United States from Mexico. Yep, for real. A closer look at the device reveals a medieval-style bundle of tubing and heavy spring tied together by rope which could be straight from Mad Max: Fury Road. Agents made the discovery when they approached several people near the fence, who then scattered away, according to CNN. Two bundles of cannabis weighing a combined 47 lb (21 kg) were still attached to the catapult. The U.S. federal agency tweeted the picture, joking that USBP agents “spring into action” dismantling the pot-flinging tool. Trump has promised to build the wall on the 1,100-mile border with Mexico. About 650 miles of the border are already covered by some sort of fence.  Drug traffickers have been very creative in trying to smuggle their product over, including drones, car ramps, air cannons, key lime or carrots.

Of course they are! Drug smugglers gonna smuggle drugs. That’s what they do and they’re my favorite people ever. I’m a big drug smuggler guy as regular viewers of the program know. These smugglers are just launching pounds of marijuana over the border like it ain’t no thing. A wall you say? Fuck a wall. We’ve got catapults and they’re right.

Live look at President Trump when he finds out what catapults are

This is not an attempt to get political but this pinpoints the glaring problem with Trump’s wall. People know about walls. People done been dominating walls for a solid 10,000 years now. As humans, we’ve been dealing with walls since the beginning of time. People have walls figured out. He’s gotta think of something new and improved. I don’t know what that is but I’m not president. Drug smugglers clearly have walls figured out. All you gotta do is attach a SUPER SUPER ratchet-looking catapult to the side of it and you’re good to go. Drugs for everybody on the other side! It’s not even a good looking catapult. It looks like they put it together with scotch tape and bubble gum and bones. Imagine when they have time to put actual thought into it. No wall is gonna be any match for that catapult. That wall is fucked. Drug smugglers have Trump’s wall figured out and it’s not even built yet. That’s not good news for Donnie.