Puppy Gets Rescued After Being Stuck In A Well For 10 Days And Gets A Hero's Welcome

AOL- The rescue of a four-month old puppy from a well in Istanbul on Wednesday, February 15th was among the top trending topics on social media in Turkey. A team of miners, firefighters and high-school students helped to pull the animal out in Beykoz district. Screams of joy and triumph emerged at dawn from the top of the well as the puppy was lifted from the pit, footage obtained by Reuters showed.


What a moment! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! I don’t care that it happened in Turkey. That moment deserves a U-S-A chant. That should just be the chant when anything awesome happens becasue the U S of A is awesome. Anyway. The only thing that matches that level of excitement explosion is when a team wins on a buzzer beater during March Madness. What a goddamn trooper that puppy is. I’ll tell you what, if I get stuck in a well there’s no way I make it more than 48 hours. At a certain point I would just demand that body dies. I would rather be dead than spend 10 full days in a well. 48 hours might’ve even be high. It might be 12 hours. 12 hours and I somehow force my body to commit suicide. Just think real hard about all my organs shutting down and are it happen. Not that dog of course. All dogs see the silver lining in everything and want to survive. That pup was probably down there like, “Yeah it’s not ideal but I pretty much sleep all day anyway so that’s just what I’m gonna do down here. This is great!” Awesome story.