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Louisiana High School Bans Nick Saban From Recruiting Any Of Their Players

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AlabamaA Louisiana high school football coach said Wednesday the only school not welcomed on his campus is Alabama.

Parkway (La.) High School coach David Feaster told 104.5 ESPN his players can certainly join Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide, but he isn’t going to help Alabama recruit his kids.

“LSU’s welcome in my school anytime,” Feaster said. “The only school that can’t come to Parkway is Alabama. And there’s a long story behind that, but it had to do with not being ethical in their recruiting.

“They can’t come. Everyone else is 100 percent welcome.”

“I don’t want them on campus,” he said. “I don’t want them making those kind of offers.

Nick Saban live cam –

Oh noooooo, one high school in bumfuck Louisiana has banned Saban from recruiting there? What’s he going to do now??? Cancel the dynasty. Cancel the program. Fire Saban. Also probably cancel the future D1 prospects of any of the players at Parkway High too while you’re at it if they’re not willing to deal with any “unethical” recruiting practices.

You’re in the middle of SEC country bro, probably going to have to chillax on the “ethics” talk if you want to have a future in football.

The reason?

There is a difference between an offer and a committable offer, something he found out the hard way in the recruitment of former LSU quarterback Brandon Harris.

He relayed a story of then-Alabama offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier and then-wide receiver coach Billy Napier recruiting Harris.

“They love the guy,” he said. “(They say) ‘hey, coach, we want to offer Brandon.’ I said, ‘OK, good. How many quarterbacks have you offered so far?’ (They said) ‘about 6 or 7.’ So I said, ‘So you really haven’t offered anybody.’ (They said), ‘well, coach, an offer from us at quarterback is really an offer to come to camp.’ I said, ‘OK, I understand what you’re saying. You are offering these kids to meet Nick Saban. It’s a big deal and he might go. But what I am telling Brandon is you only have so much money and so much time to spend, go to the schools that have you atop the boards.

Parkway currently has 2 players on the ESPN 300 board, wonder if they’re going to be thrilled with coach taking their chances with ‘Bama away from them.