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The Next Big Professional Sport Is.... World Chase Tag

HOUSTONSurely we’ve all heard of Parkour, right? Jumping, climbing and moving with such ease and finesse. Now, take the movement revolution and mix in a little nostalgia. What do we get? World Chase Tag!

UK native, Christian Devaux, came up with the idea while playing a game of tag with his son. They began timing matches, adding obstacles and — voila — World Chase Tag was born…Devaux would love to see professional athletes from other sports like the NFL, tennis or basketball get into the game as well, but the next step, Devaux wants to bring it to a school near you.

Add a fire pit in there or two, maybe make this a full blown contact sport instead of just rough touch, and I’m 100% in. In a world where a bunch of nerds get airtime on ESPN for sitting around and playing video games, I’m more than willing to give World Chase Tag a chance. Think about this for a minute. The reason why sports like hockey are most likely going to always remain a niche sport in the US is because it’s just so goddamn expensive to play. You immediately cut the potential playing population in half based on price of playing alone. But tag? Well that shit is completely free to play. As long as you have fully functioning limbs, you can play tag until the cows come home (or until your mom calls you inside for dinner). So all of a sudden, you have an entire US population to pull from to become the next World Chase Tag superstar. You can have all of the greatest athletes in the country playing this sport and it’s not like there are any rules that casual fans wouldn’t be able to comprehend. Plus I’m sure you could live bet the shit out of these events so it’s a degenerate’s paradise as well.

Just imagine living in a world where kids can get scholarships to school for playing tag. And extreme tag at that. This isn’t a bunch of dweebs in the courtyard playing tag because they have to get some exercise after playing dungeons and dragons all day. This is tag for the elite athlete. Tag for the biggest savages this country has to offer. Tag where death is a real possibility. NCAA D1 Tag. Professional Tag. EA Sports World Chase Tag 2017. I want it all and I want it now.

P.S. – I still have mad love for Kabaddi. But it looks like India already has a strong hold on that sport and to be perfectly honest, World Chase Tag just looks more made for TV. But still. Kabaddi fucks.