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Manu Ginobili's Practices Voodoo And His Pass Last Night Is Evidence

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 7.03.54 AM

Not bad for an old man. No idea how or when Manu saw Kawhi Leonard or how the defender kept his hands basically in his own pockets, but it happened and the Spurs beat the Magic 107-79.

Why I kept being a Magic fan after I moved to San Antonio years ago is beyond me. It would have been a logical transition. “Oh, I’m gonna live in this city for the next ten years, it will be fun to embrace the team.” No one would have faulted me for it. But, no. I kept with the Magic and didn’t see two championships. I’m an idiot. I’m so close to being an NBA free agent. I need a winner in my life and one just happen to play about 18 minutes from my house.

Because I’m not a big basketball blogger guy, here’s a bonus dunk from last night. Everybody likes dunks. Dunks!