Wake Up With Tony Pena Calling For A Fake Intentional Walk To Strike Out A Batter (1997)

This has gotta be like when you go to a bar and tell a girl that you make a shitload of money, take her back to your place, and once she sees your shitty apartment and realizes you’re full of shit, but bangs you anyway. Just a sneaky, sneaky move that works once in a blue moon. And MLB wants to get rid of having to actually throw four pitches outside of the strike zone as part of the intentional walk? Fuck that. I know stuff like this never really happens, but let’s at least leave the possibility for it to happen. Or even better, leave the possibility for a pitcher to actually attempt this and fuck it up. That would be just as entertaining, if not more.

PS — I LOVE how Tony Pena made the strike three call himself before the umpire even knew what planet he was on. The home plate umpire was just as mind fucked as the batter, so much so that he literally forgot to call strike three. Pena was already halfway out the mound. Incredible.