Dads Forced To Do Ballet With Their Daughters Is Majesty Of The Dance

And the peasants, rejoice. This is poetry beyond motion. I’m not one to throw shade, either. My lack of coordination and pure gangliness means I’d look like the Scarecrow having a caesar out there. Ballet ain’t easy. And if Black Swan taught me anything was that Mila and Natalie going at it forced by dick to put a temporary restraining order on my hands Ballet ain’t easy. So GREAT on these fathers for surrendering all the man cards to participate in this Philly area “Daddys Dance With Their Daughters” event on Valentine’s day. It’s almost as awkward as watching men throw rocks with their opposite hands. Almost.

Also, I know why but this reminded me of this dude dominating the Zumba(? I’m an idiot, regardless) class in effort to get chicks, but it does. Brilliance.