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Arizona Baseball's Shot For Shot Reenactment Of "Major League" Shows Anything Associated With That Movie Turns To Gold

Original Scene:

Solid. Solid all around. Anytime you can give a couple nods to the 1989 (??? holy shit I’m old) timeless classic it’s a decent thing for all. Pretty decent acting overall, too. It’s a good thing the only black guy on Arizona’s roster (seriously) A) Didn’t go straight to the show and B) Could pull off the role of Willie Mays-Hayes, or else this skit would’ve lost its luster. Matt Fraizer > Omar Epps.

And I repeat, anything associated with that movie turns to gold. Well, except for Jake Taylor falling off the face of the Earth, Willie Mays-Hayes landing in jail, Lou Brown straight up dying, and Wildthing Ricky Vaughn catching the HIV. But at least Pedro Cerano seems to be doing well as an American citizen being the All-State guy and Harry Doyle is still somehow going strong as the Brewers play by play guy. For real though, God bless Bob Uecker. Twice.