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The First Ever Wawa Beer Store Opens Tomorrow, World Domination Is Up Next


CBSOn Thursday, February 16, Wawa will celebrate the grand reopening of its store in Concord Township.

The new store will be the first Wawa in the region to offer restaurant-style seating and beer sales. The store is located on the 700 block of Naamans Creek Road in Chadds Ford.

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So you’re telling me that at the same place where I can get a Buffalo Chicken Tender Sandwich with a Stuffed Pretzel on the side for dinner, I can now also get a 6-pack of Yuengling? And you’re telling me that at the same place where I can get a Bacon Egg & Cheese Sizzlie and about 50 hashbrowns on the side for breakfast, I can now also get a 6-pack of Yuengling? And you’re telling me that at the same place I can go to get myself 6-pack of Yuengling for lunch, I can now also get myself another 6-pack of Yuengling?

Turn. The. Fuck. Up.

I’m trying my hardest right now to think of any possible reason why you’d ever have to go anywhere else besides a Wawa for the rest of your life now but I can’t think of a damn thing. This place has everything you could ever need/want in life, and it’s glorious. Plus they’re adding some restaurant style seating just in case you are looking for that fine dining experience while you scarf down a Gobbler or 7 on a casual Friday night.

The only thing that worries me about this particular Wawa that will now be selling beer is that obviously this is going to be a test run. Obviously the Chadds Ford Wawa is going to be a guinea pig to see if adding beer sales to Wawa’s all over the globe is a feasible option–which reminds me, holy balls the alcohol laws in Pennsylvania are R-worded. And the issue with this being in Chadds Ford is that you can’t expect to put a Wawa with beer in Delaware County and not expect the locals to ransack that place on a nightly basis. To be fair, Chadds Ford is on the outskirts of Delco and I’d hardly even consider them Delco in the first place. But it’s Delco nonetheless. Maybe if they put one of these up with all those pussies in Chester County, they’d be able to control themselves a bit and not run the Wawa dry of booze within 10 minutes on a daily basis. That would be a nice way to ease Wawa into the beer game so they could work out the kinks in the process. But putting beer in a Wawa in Delaware County? That’s throwing them to the wolves right off the bat. Sink or swim time, baby.