Justice, NFL Style: Seahawks Get Off with a Warning for Fake News Injury Reports


ESPNThe Seattle Seahawks have received a warning for not listing Richard Sherman’s knee injury on the injury report in the second half of last season, league sources told ESPN.

The league had considered docking the Seahawks a second-round pick for failing to disclose the injury, sources told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen last month.

The violation was determined to be the result of a misinterpretation of the policy’s reporting requirements, a source told ESPN’s Adam Caplan.

Welcome to what Judge Berman called Roger Goodell’s “own brand of industrial justice,” 2017 edition. Where misdemeanors get treated like felonies and capital crimes like parking tickets. Where you get four times as many games suspended for hitting a bong than you do for hitting your wife. An oligarchy where a handful of owners have the juice to get away with anything so long as they’re golf buddies with Comrade Goodell. And where the Seahawks, the cheatingest cheaters in the cheating business, get off with a warning after getting bagged cheating recheatedly. Time after cheaty time.

Bear in mind, this wasn’t some slappie punt protector we’re talking about. This is their best player. Their franchise corner we’re always reminded is the best in the business and gets matched up with No. 1 receivers. (And did we mention he went to Stanford? It’s mandatory to remind you he’s really, really smart.) And this isn’t a case where they listed him with a sprain when it was really a fracture. Or where they listed him as “Full Participation: Lower body” when it should have been “Limited Participation: Ruptured spleen” or something. They flat out lied. He had a severe knee ligament issue and didn’t appear on the report at all. Which sort of defeats the purpose of reports fucking existing. They gave him regular days off and insisted they were for non-injury related. Again, lies. Repeated lies. Lies that make the Baby Jesus cry.

But they get off with a warning. A team that has already been caught holding illegal practices three times since 2012. And leads the solar system in positive PED tests. That’s a franchise that didn’t cheat, because it would be wrong. Instead, it was a simple “misinterpretation of the policy’s reporting requirement.” So a warning will put the fear of God into them, I’m sure. They’ll never “misinterpret” anything ever again. Good one, Commish.

I just wish a camera was in the Seahawks’ office when Paul Allen, John Schneider and Pete Carroll got the word they were getting away with injury report murder. If I were them, I’d never fill out another one of the goddamned things again.