I Love This Kid Who Stood With A "Fire Gar/Pax" Sign In Front Of Gar Forman At The Depaul Game Last Night

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So here’s my question. What do you think Gar Forman is thinking when he goes to bed at night? I’m doing a great job, this is all fine, this rebuild with an old D-Wade, a bunch of draft picks that haven’t worked, and Jimmy Butler is close to working? Because Gar and Pax are cowards and refuse to talk to the media I’m genuinely curious what the conversations are like at the United Center. They know they’re safe, they know their boss won’t fire them, but they also have to realize every single Bulls fan hates their guts at this point. Just a bizarre state of affairs to suck at your job and have everyone say you suck at your job except for the one single guy who can fire you.

Then again, the “plan” is to rebuild while also being semi competitive with a top 15 talent in Jimmy Butler. And if you judge their competence by that plan they’re killing it, even though that exact plan is the single dumbest plan any NBA front office could ever employ. Fire Gar/Pax now, Fire Gar/Pax tomorrow, Fire Gar/Pax forever because thats probably how long they’ll keep their job.