It Wouldn't Be Valentine's Day Without The Bobby Valentine Incognito Clip

I’m in a really tough position here, because, as a Red Sox fan, just the name “Bobby Valentine” gives me PTSD. That 2012 season here in Boston was an unmitigated disaster, and even though the Red Sox still suffered through two more last place seasons in 2014 and 2015, nothing will ever be as miserable and painstakingly awful as Bobby V’s lone season as Red Sox manager in 2012.

That being said, I wish I could go back in time and tell 2012 Jared to just sit back, and enjoy the shitshow that is this 2012 team, because the Red Sox are going to get rid of Valentine at the end of the year, and then win the World Series the following season. But in that year, I felt like this was the beginning of an era of shit. Shit team, shit manager, shit players with shit attitudes. So, in the moment, I certainly could not enjoy my personal Bobby Valentine experience. But had I known what lied ahead for the Red Sox, I could’ve. And I almost, ALMOST, regret that.


Because when I look back on it, Valentine provided some pretty fucking ridiculous moments that weren’t exactly in the same neighborhood as the incognito mustache incident, but the Gary Darling gum debacle was definitely an all-time Bobby V moment. Fuckin’ guy tried to catch an umpire’s gum that he accidentally spit in his face, and then the point and walk away move is the most preposterous move in the history of manager/umpire arguments. It was as if Bobby V was warning Darling, and the next time he was going to eject the umpire. Oh, and also that time that he said he would punch the Big O in the mouth if he were in the WEEI studio. God bless Bobby Valentine, and happy Valentine’s Day!