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Today In Ridiculous Stats: JaVale McGee Leads The NBA In Plus-Minus Per Minute

What is Basketball Plus-Minus?
A metric that looks at how teams perform with a certain player on the court, how they perform with a certain player off the court, and calculates the overall impact that player has on team success.

This is also sometimes referred to as the on court/off court number.

via Sportingcharts


From the Red Sox winning World Series with Bill James as an advisor to Brad Pitt being in Moneyball movie to new ideas, stats and technologies being embraced, JaVale McGee being the NBA leader in plus-minus per minute may be the finest moment of the statistical revolution yet. All the nerds at Elias Sports are probably beating their dicks to this stuff. And JaVale going from leading the league in Shaqtins as a talented yet goofy player to leading the league in plus-minus may be the most impressive thing the Warriors have ever done. A championship two years ago is nice. 73 wins was historic. But actually bringing out Good JaVale to the point where he could lead the league in a fancy stat like plus-minus is the stuff legends are made of.

So congrats to JaVale on going from negative to positive like Christopher Wallace, even though I will always remember the good old days when JaVale was just a lovable Shaqtin A Fool machine.