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The Giants Have Released Victor Cruz

I have very weird feelings about this move. First and foremost, it’s clearly the right move to make. Cruz couldn’t get separation or make enough big plays that were needed from a starting receiver on an offense that struggled all season. And I can’t lie, him going with the Boat Boyz to Miami despite being a veteran probably didn’t gain him any fans in the front office.

But damn it still hurts. Cruz was an undrafted free agent that worked himself into becoming a Pro Bowler, Super Bowl champion, and owner of one of the most recognizable celebrations in sports history. His coming out party against the Jets has to be the best preseason memory any Giants fan has ever had and the 99 yard TD against the Jets is what powered the Giants into the playoffs and to their 4th Lombardi. Cruz also fought back from an injury that is a career killer for many players to play an entire season, which is more than many people expected from him this year. Him and Odell Beckham never playing together at full strength is an all-time What If moment for Giants fans, up there with What if Plax had never shot himself like a goddamn asshole? If any Giants employees are reading this, can we give the number 80 a couple of years off in honor of Victor? I think he’s earned that much (unless we draft or sign a stud receiver, then it’s fair game. The NFL is a cold hearted league).

Anyway, lets all do a salsa for Victor today and remember the good times instead of the bad.