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This Guy Busted His Neighbor Trying To Break Into His Apartment And Bitch Slapped Some Awful Excuses Out Of Him

This scene is like something right out of a movie. A Jesse Pinkmanesque bumbling criminal and his neighbor who’s sick of his shit get caught up in some situation where they have to team up to get out of a jam. Except there is nothing that’s going to bring them together, instead they’re just some poor people living in the kind of place where your idiot neighbor may try to rob you and explain the situation by saying that he was just trying to figure out how to open his own door by practicing on yours. And then you bitch slap him over and over again but that won’t fix anything, he’ll be right back there fumbling around with his screwdriver in no time because he’s a junky or a bum or something else completely worthless. This isn’t a work of fiction, there are no fun adventures involving blue meth and an RV. This is real life and your life fucking SUCKS, the only joy left is bitch slapping the dumb out of this dude as best you can.

At the same time, I’m pretty curious to know what the deal is with the guy behind the camera. He must be some sort of ultra bad ass with the way this seemingly meathead-y dude is cowering before him and eating bitch slap after bitch slap. I’d think if you’re going around robbing neighbors you can’t be a complete and total pussy, just not possible. This camera guy’s got to be a dude you really don’t want to trifle with.