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The First Teaser for Marvel's "Infinity Wars" is Here and It's Nerdgasm Material

The Guardians of the Galaxy are going to be part of the “Infinity Wars” movies? I just had my biggest nerdgasm since I first laid eyes on CGI Leia.

There is nobody in Hollywood doing it as consistently well as Marvel Studios is right now. And I’ll even say that nobody ever has. You can make a decent case for Pixar. But even though they hit home run after home run for a good 20 years, those movies weren’t the undertaking that bringing the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe together has been. Believe me, as a kid who spent his formative years nose deep in Spider Man comics on the way to Maine in the back of mom’s Country Squire, what they’ve pulled off is beyond anything I could’ve imagined.

And the genius of how Marvel is doing it is that they keep falling back on the same characters without it becoming repetitive or boring. When you think about it, every movie they do is a different genre piece, just using the superhero construct. “Iron Man” was an origin story, but tied into current events, the war in Afghanistan. “Thor” was Shakespearean. The first Captain America was a WWII movie, the second was a ’70s spy thriller. “Ant-Man” was a caper film. And “Guardians of the Galaxy” was a space comedy that had no business whatsoever being good, but was fantastic. All the fun vibe of the original “Star Wars” trilogy in what could have just been lame, “Spaceballs”-like parody in the wrong hands.

And they’re going to be in the mix as the MCU builds to this huge crescendo, all their best heroes in a showdown with their baddest villain, whom we’ve only seen teased for like 60 seconds. You can complain that there’s been too many of these Marvel films or worried it’s going to be played out by the time “Infinity Wars Part I” gets rolled out. But we’re going to miss them if ever they’re gone.