A Quick Shoutout To Mia The Beagle Is In Order After Her Performance At The Westminster Dog Show

Lotta people gonna have some good laughs over this performance from Mia the beagle at the Westminster Dog Show but ultimately say Mia doesn’t deserve to win. An entertaining performance, sure, but many would not award Mia “Best In Show” after watching that. HOWEVA… there is something truly special about this run from Mia the beagle. Something that you’ll never ever ever in a million years be able to say about the cats that they’re letting participate in this event now. That dogs, while very good boys and girls, are not robots placed on this earth specifically to ruin humanity.

Just look at Mia go.


Like I said. Mia is a very good pup. But she’s not going to be a try hard out there. Life isn’t all about who can get through an obstacle course the fastest. She’s just here to fuck around, run through some sticks and do a bunch of dog shit like groom herself at inappropriate times. Sorry that she wants to look and smell her best while performing in front of hundreds of people. Sue her. But don’t sue her. Because you lose that legal battle 10 times out of 10. You think a cat runs through this obstacle course and gives her human audience the perfect photo-op?


Shoot no. But that’s just puppy instinct. Doesn’t matter if they’re on the biggest stage of the biggest event of their life. They aren’t selfish creatures. They aren’t running through this obstacle course for themselves. But for you, the people. And I’m just glad that Mia is around to teach us all that valuable lesson.

h/t FTW