The Greatest Little People Currently Making Magic On Earth

A Happy Place for all of us.

Ah, midgets People-McNuggets Little People. Almost the perfect species. Semi-slow day on the Internets means we adapt to our surroundings and survive. So here we are. Your definitive list of little people currently making making magic on Earth before they reach their shelf life and burst into a thousand golden coins because they failed to make it back to Narnia in time.

In no particular order, because they are all great in our hearts:

Peter Dinklage – Current King Of The Little People





David Diggler – The, so called, Top Midget In Tampa.

2 shots of Peach Schnapps will really bring out the best in the little guy.




Bridget “The Midget” Powers – Because being fisted when your fun-sized can’t be fun.


Of course there’s a NSFW link, you savages.




The Little Black Elf From Bad Santa – Somebody had to keep Billy Bob in line. On and off set I’m assuming.




Any Dwarf To Ever Appear On Jerry Springer

Best Sea-Lion vs Overweight 5th Grader fight you’ll see today.




Micky - Abington’s finest (along with Bob Saget) and possibly the most underrated character from Seinfeld.




Dwarf Dance Party Dude – Get it, little guy. Get it for all of us.




Warwick Davis – The best British dwarf in the game today. Anybody who can pull off an Ewok and a Leprechaun is good in my book.




This Dwarf Bodybuilder – Never missing a leg day, no matter how short the workout.

Fucking meatsticks. All the same big or small.




And Finally, Any Little Person Willing To Subject Themselves To Be Tossed – Making lemonade out of lemons. All of them.

Solid chance after tossing the dwarves these Guidos tossed eachother’s salads.