Vanessa From The Bachelor Has A Full IMDB Page And My Heart Is Broken

So there I was yesterday. Minding my own business. Nice little Sunday. Doing that thing I always do on Sundays where I don’t leave my bed and order every meal from Seamless. It’s great. It’s my favorite thing. New York City is awesome. And then something horrible happened and my entire life became a lie

Here is that horrible thing that happened

and then more horrible things kept happening


If you haven’t been watching The Bachelor, here’s a quick rundown on Vanessa. She’s perfect. She’s a special education teacher from Canada. She knows how to speak French and Italian. She’s super hot. She calls Nick out on his horn dog ways and doesn’t take his shit. She’s the one girl on the show who we unanimously thought was too good for Nick and should just leave the show and find someone wayyyyyyyy better. That’s what we thought until this actress business came to light. Now I don’t know what to think. It breaks my heart to think she’s there to get famous. That sounds dumb as fuck to say about a girl who willingly went on a reality shot about dating but it’s true. She was the Chosen One. The crazy part is she NEVER mentioned it. If she had ever been like, “Oh yeah by the way I tried the acting thing like 6 years ago. It didn’t work out” that would’ve been fine. All good. But she didn’t mention it once. Never not once. I just went back and looked at her Bachelor bio. Nothing. That means there was a concerted effort to not mention it because viewers  would assume she was going on the show to be famous.

Look at this reaction from a bunch of girls finding out that Vanessa is probably on the show to get famous

Mass hysteria.

Should I care that she tried to be an actress 6 years ago? Probably not. Do I care? ABSOLUTELY. This makes her no better than Nick.

PS- This acting “role” she had on Blue Mountain State is laugh out loud funny

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 9.24.07 AM

Double PS- Barstool Afterparty: The Bachelor is back tonight. 10pm sharp after the episode airs. We’ll be on Facebook Live.